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VSQL++ for Oracle is an Oracle database management software that supports Oracle 8.1.7/9i/10g/11g or above
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19 August 2014

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This tool helps manage Oracle databases.

VSQL++ for Oracle is a database management software tool. This tool will help gain significant productivity improvements during development and administration of Oracle databases. The VSQL++ for Oracle provides a workflow that is simple as well as convenient. Efficiency and accuracy of database management are improved. This tool will let you handle the database, of course. You are able to handle Schema, Table, View, Function, Trigger, Sequence, Aggregate, Domain, Language, Tablespace, etc. Creation, organization, access and analysis of Oracle are simplified with this tool. One important function of the database is managing connections with data consumers. This tool will let you do that. It will also make navigating through the database quite easy. A data editor makes minor changes in data possible. You are able to get down to record and field levels. There’s a data viewer available that makes it very convenient to move around in the data locations.

Managing SQL processing such as query generation and harvesting data can be done with this tool very easily. Import and export of data are possible in several formats. Several features available with the tool support server security and maintenance. The interface presented is simple and even the newest recruit into the IT department would be able to handle the tool easily. The controls are intuitive to start with. On one side of the GUI, you get a structured view of the database with details displayed on the right. For example, you could choose tables on the tree to get a view of all the tables in the chosen database. This is a good product.

Publisher's description

VSQL++ for Oracle is an database management software unrivaled for ensuring the greatest possible productivity in development and administration of Oracle database.
VSQL++ for Oracle provides the most convenient and efficient workflow, simplify database management to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the work. With VSQL++ for Oracle, you can quickly and easily create, organize, access and analysis Oracle database in easy way.
Oracle Objects Management
Objects: Schema/Table/View/Procedure/Function/Trigger/Package/Sequence/Database Link/Synonym/Materialized View/Materialized View Log/Type/Operator/XML Schema/Java/Recycle Bin/Tablespace/Directory etc.
Connection Management and Navigation
Data Viewer and Editor
Data Import/Export
SQL Processing
Server Security and Maintenance
VSQL++ for Oracle
VSQL++ for Oracle
Version 3.1.12
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